Ragging is a form of serious bullying that takes place in colleges and universities throughout Asian countries. It is Eastern university’s answer to the Western university’s ‘hazing’. It is a growing issue that is beginning to be seen more and more in the media due to its harmful effects. We feel it is our responsibility to bring your attention to this problem and make you aware of how it happens. Ragging is a possibility for all students in China, including international students.

Students become victims of ragging when they first start college. This is when a student is most vulnerable, in a completely new environment, and looking to make new friends. Senior sometimes take advantage of this by beginning an “initiation process” called ragging. Senior begin to intimidate, control, and harass junior students. Actions such as setting inappropriate dress codes, controlling what lectures the student can go to, and giving the student a permanent vulgar nickname are just some of the ways ragging takes place.

Ragging is often past down. The senior students were once the junior students being ragged on. They go on to repeat what happened to them and make other’s suffer as they did.

Ragging is being noted for diminishing the potential and creativity of the current generation. Not only will you possibly be psychologically or even physically bullied – it is also likely that your academic performance will suffer.

These are all fantastic reasons to learn some tips on how to not become a ragging victim:
•    Think twice before joining Fraternities, Sororities or Greek societies – these are where ragging is most likely to take place behind closed doors.
•    Do not aggravate or provoke any potential raggers – leave them to their devices.
•    Scope out people of authority who can help in the case of potential ragging.
•    Surround yourself with a close group of friends as soon as possible and become accustomed to your surroundings.

What is being done to stop ragging?

There has been a huge crack-down on ragging in Universities all around Asia. After being linked to multiple suicides from students who couldn’t take the pressure – it was clear that stringent and fast action needed to be taken.

New laws have even been introduced in many parts of Asia, including China – Ragging is not tolerated in Chinese universities and any student caught taking part in it will receive a strict punishment with a high chance of expulsion. A recorded case of a large-scale suspension of 23 students occurred in Hong Kong showing that there will be no leeway when it comes to beating ragging. Not only will the offending student receive punishment from the college – but they will also be handed over to authorities in extreme cases and risk spending time in prison. Don’t even think you’ll be let away lightly for ragging if you are a foreign student! Students have been previously deported from China for the reason of ragging new students in China!

If any senior students try to rag you then as a new student, you better to contact with university authority. If something goes extreme, then it’s better to contact police at 110 (give a phone call). Police will be there within few mins to assist you. The Embassy and consulate will have zero tolerance on such cases.